COP17 – South Africa Climate Change Response Expo

Koop designed and built WWF South Africa’s stand for the COP17 Climate Change conference and expo.

The design was based on an abstracted map to form the functional surfaces of the stand. A sitting surface winds up South America, around Africa and across to India. The bench was made of short lengths of bamboo. Hundreds of hand-made cushions make up the innovative seat comprised of recycled saris stuffed with material waste from clothing production. The small cushions are set in the top of each reed and make a pixilated pattern.  A counter surface down Indonesia and into Australia and is finished as per the floor. The wall is clad full height in bamboo – varying shades of green and yellow – with Modulations to form backrests. All vertical surfaces are bamboo.  The floor was made recycled packing crate pine that is laid flat on the floor in planks of varying width.

The display won best small stand for incorporating sustainable principles in the design and manufacture of the stand.