COP17 – South Africa Climate Change Response Expo

Design and construction of a display system to exhibit the work of various artists and architects for the Repurpose Exhibition at Priority zone: COP17. Everything used to build this show is reusable.

Coinciding with the start of COP17, the world’s most significant climate change conference and the biggest conference that South Africa has ever hosted, is the opening of the exhibition Repurpose, a creative exhibition of architecture without borders at The Priority Zone, 77b Monty Naicker Street.

Repurpose, was across the way from the International Convention Centre (ICC), the official venue of COP17 and ran from November 28 to December 15 2012. The four exhibitions-in-one was showcased in the headquarters of the Priority Zone Pilot Project, a working green building conversion that boasts a roof vegetable garden, sustainable water management and renewable energy.

The four exhibitions span two countries and were about the effects of architecture in public spaces. In keeping with the principles espoused by COP17, this is responsible and compassionate architecture that goes way beyond just buildings. It is architecture that changes behaviour and gives hope.

The Sao Paulo, Priority Zone, City Architects and The Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA) exhibitions all dealt with varying levels with repurposing space and buildings and, through that, making a tangible difference to the people engaging or re-engaging within that space, and changing perceptions of that space. They are all positive interventions that lead to behavioural changes.