There are some reoccurring themes in the furniture design of Koop.

The first is quality of material and the process of manufacture. Furniture is inspired by an idea about a manufacture process or the design of a junction that then becomes the language of the design. There is a heavy reliance on tectonics.

Simply put, in the early days we were finger jointing and interlocking timber to expose end grain in junctions. This was because we had to design joints that allowed the movement that Saligna required. The joints defined the aesthetic and proportion did the rest.

A second theme is the separation of function and structure. In architecture this is the Meisian concept of structure and envelope. In furniture it can be table leg and table top, cabinet frame and storage box.

Pretty Filly is generated from a method of machining planks in a way that the parallel faces are not parallel. Almost a deliberate mistake. It is an exploration of engineering timber to maximize the expressive quality of the form but using the simplest elements possible. Elements are thick in one axis and thin in the other. This creates a dynamic tension as one moves around the object.