Koop was invited by Maker Gallery (www.makerstudio.co.za) to exhibit at their exhibition “reSHAPE”

Richard designed a range of flat pack birch ply furniture items. There was a single and double birch ply slow chair with coloured webbing.   The slow chair range is a continuation of a flat pack series that began with the running dog bench and freeform table in 2011. The accuracy of CNC fabrication and consistency of birch ply is juxtaposed by expressive form and color. The elements join in a way that allows them to hold together without glue of fixings.

There was a flat pack table called “lucky 777 table”. Designed by fluke or divine inspiration, or copied subconsciously – we never really know!! There were dining chairs to go with the table, adapted from the slow chair – using the same methodology and formal inspiration. And there was a smaller version of the table and chairs for children aptly named “Laaitie 777”