Hopewell House is designed as a group of structures surrounding an open space.

As a traditional settlement may be arranged to provide a protected central communal area, the private spaces of the house are arranged to define the communal areas. The communal areas are in turn designed as an extension of the landscape; a gradual formalisation of the landscape from the natural surroundings. A structured garden using endemic plants and formal outdoor spaces connects exterior to interior. Formal outdoor spaces are structured by the building and natural surroundings. The communal space is defined by the private spaces and finished the same as the external spaces.

The circulation is through the communal space, but does not cut through the functional areas, so although it is open plan, the function of living, dining and cooking are separate and connected.

Private spaces are designed so the transition ensures privacy. Finishes of these spaces are further refined and take on a slightly more comfortable feel. The building is designed from a limited palette of materials and colours.