Bespoke furniture for a private residence in Fancourt Estate in George. Fancourt is a further evolution of this thinking and shows greater confidence in designing strong form. The brief called for a slightly pared down farm aesthetic. I am dealing with the way kitchens are always expressed as frames, a counter top on a base, often the top is connected to the leg, or forms the leg. Here the counter is integrated into the body of the unit, a thick surface, modulated by the profile of the top drawer. The profile refers to an interest in monastic form. Quarter cut veneer and solid timber is critical to the resolution of the furniture. Handles are integrated into the design and used to provide rebate, shadow and edge. This is probably the most technically advanced and complex set of built in units I have designed. Beautifully realised by DeStyl workshop in George.

Elements: Freestanding four-poster bed, built in beds with storage, built in cupboards in all bedrooms and vanity units for all bathrooms. Kitchen units including tea coffee station, kitchen island and stove unit.